Materials for PMCTA / set replacement parts

Ready to use materials

  • Silicone tube 10/12 (10mm inner diameter, 12mm outer diameter) @ maagtechnic [link]
  • Barwig 0444 pump @Conrad Electronic [link] [english link]; banana plugs to screw on to pump cable @Conrad Electronic [link] [english link]
  • Power supply for Barwig pump @Conrad Electronic [portable link; english link]; laboratory power supply for Barwig 0444 or similar [single link english link] [double link english link]
  • Spring clamp Wolfcraft @Conrad Electronic [link; english link]

STLs/3D files for own 3D printing, editing or other manufacturing

  • order ready to use 3D printed parts for vascular tourniquet, intravascular catheter and tube squeezer/fixture [link] (parts price as is, no overhead charged by Virtopsy team);
  • print /edit your own 3D-Models/STLs: catheter [link], tube squeezer/fixture for silicone tubes sized 10/12mm (inner/outer diameter) such as for Barwig 0444 [link], vascular tourniquet set for PMCTA – set of 3 parts [link]; tube fixture for 10/12mm silicone tube [link]; tube connector for 10/12 mm silicone tubes [link].