Virtopsy Courses

Virtopsy is actively involved in teaching and training. You will be learning directly from the pioneers.

Virtopsy Courses provide theoretical knowledge of and at least some initial practical skills in forensic imaging, notably post-mortem CT and MR, forensic anthropoloy, post-mortem angiography, surface scanning and 3D-photogrammetry, robot-guided biopsy, and clinical forensic imaging.

There is a Basic Course (2 days) and, immediately following, the Advanced Course (3 days). Starting from 2018, with the introduction of a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in Forensic Imaging & Virtopsy, we will stop offering the Virtopsy Basic Course as a 2-day only option. We will only offer the following modules:

  • Virtopsy Advanced Course (CAS Forensic Imaging & Virtopsy module II) (for those that did the Virtopsy Basic Course in the past)
  • Virtopsy Basic & Advanced Course (CAS Forensic Imaging & Virtopsy modules I and II) as one single course

Please note:

  • The Virtopsy Course also contains a special focus on Forensic Anthropology, as this field has taken up forensic post mortem imaging across commingled remains, mummy research and mass disaster events. Particularly for forensic radiologists, this new area of examination and research is very relevant from our medicolegal viewpoint.
  • The 3D surface documentation session is an addition that is regarded as particularly relevant because of a recent rise in surface documentation also in forensic science where crime scenes and scenes of traffic accidents are increasingly documented in full 3D.
  • Post mortem CT angiography is now taught and practically expanded on (in the CAS course) as integral part of Virtopsy.

Both Virtopsy Courses are a requirement for the CAS in Forensic Imaging and Virtopsy. The CAS in Forensic Imaging and Virtopsy is a University of Zurich issued Certificate of Advanced Studies; it contains an additional part that is largely centered around practical skills.

Target audience

Virtopsy Courses are aimed at all persons who are professionally interested or actively involved in forensic radiology and imaging also containing interest in forensic anthropology, including forensic pathologists/medical examiners, radiologists, coroners, radiographers/radiology technicians, surveying specialists and anthropologist.

Upcoming courses


15th: March 19-23, 2018

Virtopsy Basic + Advanced Course (CAS Forensic Imaging & Virtopsy modules I and II) in Zurich, Switzerland, including a special focus on Forensic Anthropology and 3D surface documentation

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   16th: March 25th to 29th

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Please note:

  • To maintain quality standards, we will not accept more than 24 registrants for each the basic and advanced part of the course.
  • Please note that your registration can be confirmed only upon receipt of payment.

Past courses